As with all good things….

On Friday, October 4th, 2019 One World Counseling is coming to a close and will no longer be operational.

This agency is sincerely proud to have been called a “second home” by so many of its clients and served as a refuge for many others who were seeking counseling and treatment (I will simply call it help and human connection) to address their needs and concerns.

I remain personally enlivened when speaking with referral sources and other agencies that express how much this agency has helped its clients, supported their organizational efforts, and established mutually supportive and enhancing relationships.

I started One World Counseling in 2012 amidst a backdrop of reactionary defensiveness; including, those that held disbelief and even disapproval of what and who this treatment program would be serving. The forces of hate and prejudice have very strong conscious and unconscious roots.  The vision and mission of One World Counseling has always been set on reaching out to and offering professional help and treatment to segments of our population and communities that have traditionally been – not only underserved – but completely overlooked. My staff and I are so proud to have been able to serve and help a variety of newer and older immigrant communities in our region that just never knew where to go to in order to access the help that they most need or wanted.

One World Counseling developed its footing by operating on the “fringes” of the treatment community; a professional sub-culture in its own right. And it has been from the fringes that we set up our home and created a welcoming and healing environment. This is something that regulatory controls and State bureaucrats will never be able to create or even replicate.  This has truly been a labor of love and dedication by my staff and me. This has been an endeavor sparked by the consciousness of the heart and the processing of the mind, and all of our success is only attributed to that. While we have never been recognized by the powers-that-be in the treatment-industrial complex, our full recognition and joy comes in the reflections of words of appreciation and sentiments of gratitude that are shared by multitudes of our supporters in the community and partner agencies.

A confirmation of the success and positive impact of our mission can be seen by taking a walk through the neighborhood in which One World Counseling was established, and generally throughout Southern Brooklyn. It is common to now see store-signs and departmental placards in front of shops and businesses that read in Russian, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, Uzbek, Tajik, Georgian and many other languages. This was certainly not the case even ten years-ago. It is a changing world, and we are tremendously delighted to have been part of the change that has streamlined so many of these developments in our neighborhood (and the larger world) and even helped opened the way for them. One World Counseling has been a ripple in this larger tide and we are pleased to have claimed our vibration in this stream of development. And it has truly been a development. We know that communities are only made stronger and safer by integration efforts, and this has been at the cornerstone of the treatment philosophy of this agency.

The clinical and treatment successes of One World Counseling would not have been possible without some of the extraordinary staff this agency has had over the years. I would like to pay tribute to them here.

Ali Shah Ali Shah — Ali Shah is an incredibly dedicated, smart, and creative mental health counselor that has done remarkably phenomenal work with his clients. He has been able to find a common language with all of his clients and helped some of the most psychiatrically-impacted clients by his clinical training and engagement, which is always grounded in supreme compassion and respect. Ali has the mind of a well-rounded and exacting clinician and the heart of a compassionate guide that you would only want to find on the road to get you where you want to go.  Ali is exceptional amongst his peer-group and well advanced past his years in wisdom, talent, and foresight.  Ali also offered counseling services in Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi.

Tallat Shahzadi Tallat Shahzadi — Tallat Shahzadi is yet another talented clinician who helped countless of her clients face and overcome incredible challenges in their lives. Tallat carries with her a sense of personal commitment and strength of character that are a true model for her clients. Always willing to go above and beyond what is merely necessary, Tallat engenders a sense of purpose in her clients that only the most talented of psychotherapists are able to facilitate. Tallat is also multi-lingual and multi-skilled, with deep and trusted connections within the South Asian community in Brooklyn and beyond.

Edward Nepo Edward Nepo — Edward Nepo has been the Deputy Program Director of One World Counseling and has served this position in the most successful manner ever witnessed. Since taking on this role, Edward has thrown himself into the midst of this buzzing community-based outpatient treatment agency while learning all the regulations and protocols that are required to ensure smooth and effective operations of such an agency. He made an incredibly arduous and minutiae-driven regulatory landscape feel like an effortless organization to be and work in. This is a true testament to his steadfast and open nature; a quality that one would only be blessed to find in a psychotherapist and a management administrator, of which Edward is.

pic coming soon Donna Goodwin — Donna Goodwin has been a remarkably strong and dedicated receptionist that held the center of gravity in this agency. Donna has been able to graciously serve in the forward-facing representation of this agency and carried out this mission with grace and efficacy that is truly unparalleled in the field. Donna is a paragon of patience and tranquility, and her ability to be a rock in all types of new environments is a true testament to her unique and trustworthy nature.

Dmitri Oster With sincerity and appreciation,
Dmitri Oster, LCSW, CASAC II, …
Program Director, on to other tasks….